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mov*ed is a platform that seeks to cultivate and nurture collaborative research and generative exchange among teaching dance professionals. Driven by a fascination with the ecology of dance practices and their potential, mov*ed serves as both a virtual connection and a facilitator of in-person events like impulstage, symposiums, research residencies or trainings.

Our primary focus is on offering a dynamic space for research in dance training and dance pedagogies, inspiring long-standing teaching practices to explore emergent avenues of knowledge and perspectives. Additionally, mov*ed offers a space for presenting and archiving resources and references that impact our practices.


“preparing for what?”

What? The mov*ed IMPULSTAGE is our first in-person event to literally give and take impulses from other practices, disciplines and in conversation with each other to stimulate and reflect on our own teaching practices as well as setting new research trajectories into...

“preparing for what?”

5 days peer exchange for movement and dance educators
September 10-14, 2023
Lake Studios, Berlin-Friedrichshagen

Training starts from Sept. 6 Every Wednesday 17.30-19.00 Tanzfabrik Kreuzberg Berlin

How can we make a dance practice also a research practice? How do we become our own anatomists, somatic expert or experiential scientist? How do we move and train our bodies with increased agency?

Our training

Who are we?

We have known each other for a long time. We all met at various Axis Syllabus events in Europe. Since then, we have been engaged in developing mutual support. We continue to inform each other’s research and process oriented dance and movement practices.